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Heartbrand® Akaushi – We carry an extended line of Akaushi meats that include Tenderloin, Filet, Rib-Eye, NY Strip, Sirloin, Ground Beef, Brisket, Standing Rib Roast and Hot Dogs.

USDA Prime Cowboy Cut Frenched Bone-In Rib Eye – This is a single boned, heavy marbled, hand-cut 22-28 ounce steak.

Porterhouse – A monstrous three muscled steak. Our standard cut is 1 ½ inch thick. USDA Prime and Choice

Center-Cut Filet – A hand-cut work of art.

Signature Meats

Ground Beef Patties – Our ground beef is ground onsite in our State Inspected Wholesale department. Our 100% all Beef Patties come in a variety of sizes and are available Fresh or Frozen.

Beef Fajitas – Our Signature beef skirts, hand trimmed, tenderized and seasoned to perfection. -Fits any grill.

Diablos – Devilishly Hot. Marinated beef, chicken or shrimp wrapped around a jalapeno pepper and tied with a piece of bacon.

Pinwheels – Our Signature beef skirts, hand – rolled, Pinwheel style. Add bacon to create the Elite combination

Bobby Bolner Original Sausage – A Special blend of beef and pork stuffed in a natural casing, tied in a ring and sold by the pound. Ask for it Mild, Hot or Super Hot

Specialty Items

Pigs (Luau or Suckling)





Smoked Meats

Salami Regular & Jalapeno

Beef Jerky

Beef Sticks

Dried Sausage and Dried Venison Sausage


Frog Legs

Stuffed Chicken


Akaushi Beef

Succulent and Healthful Akaushi beef is extraordinary for…

Shipping available anywhere in the USA.
Ask about our Custom Cut Steak Boxes.

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